Hello, I'm Coach Vivian.


Hi, I'm Coach Vivian, Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of MyBootyTrainer.com.  My goal is to help women find confidence physically and mentally through training, so that they can be their highest, most authentic self and live a life of freedom!

My Story

As a Certified Personal trainer for 7 years now I have been able to help many women in the world gain self confidence to do anything they set their minds to! My core beliefs are based on women's empowerment, health and wellness and building a community of strong ladies! Through my young adolescent  life I was not always confident having been bullied most of my life for my quiet nature. Through fitness I gained that confidence and it began to spill into other areas of my life such as mental clarity and in my relationships with others.  I can now say I am truly blessed to be able to be an inspiration to others to do the same! I will continue to share this enlightenment with those who dare to dream big starting with believing in themselves!

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