Hello, I'm Coach Vivian.


Hi, I'm Coach Vivian, Founder of MyBootyTrainer.com. I have been transforming lives through health and fitness for over 6 years now! My goal is to promote body positivity and help women achieve the Hourglass Figure all while becoming more Confident in their skin!

My Story

I feel truly blessed to do what I do and that is helping people reach their fitness goals! Promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle is what I strive for myself as well as all my clients. With all the courses and research I have obtained throughout the years I am able to share the steps that have helped me become more healthy and confident! I didn't always feel as strong as I do now mentally and physically until I started my fitness journey! It challenged me in ways I hadn't before and now I want you guys to get that same confidence! Thank you for following me on my journey and letting me inspire you!

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